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Your partner for metal spinning, lasering, folding, bending and welding

Your mechanical engineering company with 11 CNC-controlled metal spinning machines

The UFG has made an excellent name for itself beyond its borders in the field of forming technology and especially in metal spinning. UFG Umformtechnik GmbH Gotha was founded in 1994 as a mechanical engineering company with affiliated contract manufacturing, sales and service. The company currently employs 15 people. We manufacture your products on 11 CNC-controlled metal spinning machines. Learn more about UFG by getting an idea of our manufactured products, machines and plants. And if there are any open questions, please let us know!


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Areas of expertise

any kind of metal spinning Mechanical Engineering Construction Laser works Bending Welding work

Why us?

Experience in metal forming since 1994 Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2009 Effective and accurate Show us your product idea – we will show you our way to the product!

Do you have any questions?

Please call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you.

Contact Person


Alexander Steiger
– Geschäftsführer –
Telefon: 03621 42960960
E-Mail: firma@ufg-gotha.de

Customer feedback:

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We are specialized in:

Metal spinning, bending, forming technology, assemblies mechanical engineering, ventilation molded parts, hemispheres, contract sliding grinding, metalworking drilling, sheet metal assemblies, metal spinning, folding parts, molded sheet metal parts, metal spinning parts CNC sheet metal processing, laser sheet metal processing, sheet metal constructions, welded constructions, stamped and bent parts, aluminum processing, copper parts, sheet metal processing, aluminum parts, metal parts Manufacturers, bent sheet metal parts, apparatus and container construction, spot welding, stamped sheet metal parts, steel molded parts, stainless steel processing, vibratory grinding, barrel finishing, welded assemblies, laser cutting, laser edge parts, welded assembly manufacturing, glass bead blasting, metalworking turning, bending work, CNC sheet metal processing, welded assemblies, bending work, pipe fittings , Folding work, stainless steel constructions, folding sheets made of aluminum, metal spinning, welded constructions for mechanical engineering, ventilation fittings, stainless steel sheet cuts, stainless steel constructions at the Me metal construction, sheet metal processing CNC milling machine, sheet metal bending parts, welded assemblies from Gotha, machine cladding Gotha, pipe fittings Gotha, folding sheets made of aluminum Gotha, laser cutter, folding center, contract cutting, contract bending, contract folding, company laser cutting, metal spinning Thuringia, laser cutting, sheet metal processing, folding, centrifugal grinding, listed at find .de, lasers, bending, edging, welded assemblies, manufacturing sheet metal assemblies, welding, bending work, edging work, edging profiles, bending profiles, manufacturing sheet metal boxes, manufacturing sheet metal housings, manufacturing sheet metal boxes and sheet metal housings, company laser cutting, metal spinning Thuringia, edge center, (Kantcentrum)

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Alexander Steiger
– Geschäftsführer –
Telefon: 03621 42960960
E-Mail: firma@ufg-gotha.de


[testimonial_rotator id=1633]