We are the professional service provider in the field of surface technology with the techniques vibratory grinding and sandblasting

sandblasting techniques at UFG Gotha

With our two new hand-blasting cabins, we offer our customers the technique of sandblasting in contract manufacturing. Thus, we offer all techniques of forming and tool processing in addition to laser cutting, bending with blasting. All services are provided by us as a reliable supplier in contract manufacturing.

We are your contact for orders in contract vibratory grinding, barrel finishing, shot blasting, sandblasting, contract steelmaking, contract sandblasting, surface finishing, deburring and centrifugal grinding.

Our new acquisition in welding technology: a modern spot welding machine

With our new spot welding machine we optimally complement our services in the field of welding and welding assemblies. Thus we offer you at UfG Gotha more services in contract manufacturing than various competitors. We want to position ourselves as a contract company for laser cutting, edging and vibratory grinding in a customer-friendly and high-performance way also in the future. Therefore we offer our customers and interested parties round and box profiles as we cut on our saw. Also new in our machine park are two 3-part rollers, which are suitable for a maximum sheet thickness of 3mm


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